Hii everyone, yesterday i went to the  The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival  with two friends, and we saw, “ Going Down in LA LA Land”, it was awesome, I like it so much It was about a boy who go to LA to be an actor, so typical …lol and well, he don’t find job and start to work in a porno studio as a camera, and at the end he appear at a movie. The boss of the studio introduce him a famous actor , and they fall in love. It have the best balance among romance,sex and comedy xd, I laugh  lot with character of Allison Lane she was f*cking amazing  and the main character Matthew Ludwinski is so hot and sexy.

The only thing that I don’t like was that in it appears Perez Hilton and I hate him, it’s so stupid… nevertheless it was just a few minutes so, he couldn’t ruin the film XD and there appears too Alec Mapa XD i’ve seen him in ugly betty

so i recommend it to everyone because it’s so good ^^