Brookton Hollow
Director: Joshua Smith
Cast: Christopher Hills (Kyle), Willis Bigelow (naked boy), Von Scott Bair (father), Midge (cow)
USA | 2010 | 10 min

A young man named Kyle and his father live on a small farm called Brookton Hollow. They live in a simple world with no neighbors or friends that come to visit. They have only one animal, a cow named Willis. Every morning Kyle’s roams the pasture looking for Willis. Kyle enjoys nothing more that to sit and look into the cows dark eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of his constant chewing. Never having had a friend to talk to, Kyle shares his thoughts and dreams with Willis while brushing away the flies from his hair. One morning at breakfast Kyle’s father announces that their meat supply has come to an end, and he will have to kill the cow. Kyle sits frozen listening to his father, then in a fit of rage leaves the table, leaving his father sitting silent with grease still wet on his lips.
That night, Kyle is awakened by a gust of wind that blows out his bedroom candle. Sitting up in bed, he hears Willis’ cowbell off in the distance. Curious, he follows the sound deep into the forest. Sitting high on a rock and lit by the moon, he finds a boy whistling at him and wearing nothing but a small cowbell around his neck…