well, today talking with homoinmotion he ask me for some good spanish gay films and there are some i’ve seen that are great, they are not my favorites but i’ve laught . In all i’ve put a youtube url with the trailer on the photos, so clic on them to see it. ^^

well first of all my favorit  20 CM by  Ramón Salazar it’s about a transexual that want to lose his 20cm hahaha she it’s narcoleptic and every time she fall sleep start to sing 


on second place i like CHUECATOWN it’s so funny too. it’s about a man who kill old women to take them their home and sel it to a rich gay men XD ( there’s the same hot actor in the two movies Pablo Puyol

more films LA COSTA BRAVA by Marta Balletbó-Coll it’s a lesbian romance it’s quite good. clic here to see the trailer  ( i don’t put more photos or it will be very long…)

mmm there’s Krampack which was recorded where i go to college hehe it’s about a boy that fall in love with a friend that is straitgh… i saw that film in my first date with a guy and it didn’t end so well, so i don’t have good feelings for it…  here is the trailer 

another which is not full of gay but have some stories  is CARICIAS by Ventura Pons, there are some storis  interweave. that i’s great. trailer here

i forget to say the last 3 aren’t spanish movies, they are catalan jeje :D

mmmm i don’t know probably i forget someone but the last to say is LA MALA EDUCACION  by Almodovar. i didn’t like it … it is wierd i don’t like the kind of films that almodovar does… but well here is the trailer… 

well homoinmotion i hope it could be usefull for you :D